We’ve been accumulating workshop tools and accessories for more than a decade now, and even though we have a pretty complete selection, there always seems to be something new we think we can’t live without. (Currently a power hand planer!)

But there are a few handy gadgets we count on time after time:

  • Our Fiskars Rotary Hand Drill. Laura’s parents got her one when she moved into her first apartment, and she’s since gotten her own daughter one. This easy to use tool has been in our Buckeyes and Bluegrass tool tote since our first antique show. It’s great when you need quick pilot holes in tight places, or when an electric or cordless drill is too cumbersome to tote. The chuck takes standard drill bits, so we always have the size we need.


  • Lori’s father-in-law introduced us to the Pony Frame Clamp, and now when we use the one we inherited from him as well as the extra one we’ve acquired since, we hear his careful meticulous frame building instructions in our heads. These clamps make getting nice tight right angles on our frames and chalkboards nearly foolproof.


  • The tools that have saved our bacon (and our electric bill) the most though are our cordless tool kits. There are lots of different sets out there (Lori’s is Ryobi, Laura’s is Black & Decker) in different combinations. We get the most use out of the cordless drill, of course, but also the cordless circular saw and the cordless reciprocating saw. We have corded versions of each of these and sometimes we need the extra power, but the convenience and portability of the cordless versions can’t be beat. Plus, we have sliced the power cords of far more tools than we’ll ever admit, and we like the added safety! Just make sure you always have a second battery on the charger.